Anna Caffarena

Anna  Caffarena

Full Professor of International Relations (University of Turin, Italy)

Anna Caffarena is Full Professor of International Relations at the University of Turin, Italy, where she is also academic coordinator of the Master in International Sciences. She is Chairwoman of the Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai) overseeing its three research programs: Global China, Asia Prospects and Violence & Security. Her research interests include world order issues sparked by emerging China and multilateralism. Her most recent book, Thucydides Trap and other images. Why world politics seems never to change (il Mulino, Bologna 2018, in Italian) focuses on the role of images in perpetuating the security dilemma in world politics, and in particular how this specific social representation impinges on the crucial relationship between China and the United States.

Research project

"By other means: What China’s approach to multilateralism (and leadership) tells about the future of global governance"