Jing Bian

Jing Bian

School of Law and Criminology, University of Greenwich 

Dr. Jing Bian is a Senior Lecturer in Financial Law in the School of Law & Criminology, University of Greenwich. She is the Founder and Programme Leader for MSc. Law, Regulation and the International Financial System, and the Founder and Leader for research unit FinLED: Financial Industry: Law, Ethics & Development. She has published widely on the comparative financial regulation aspect, as well as China related issues. 

Dr. Jing Bian has a track record with research and practical projects for international institutions as well as international transactions. She has solid practical and commercial experiences. She is a Trust and Estate Practitioner in England and Wales, a full member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. She has held a number of roles in legal, financial institutions, and regulatory body. Dr Jing Bian has extensive work experiences in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, and the UK.

Research project

Bian’s research covers the financial law and regulation, comparative law, Chinese law & economy, corporate governance, and business ethics. Title of the Research project - "China--EU Finance Cooperation and Regulation under the Current and Near-Future Geopolitical Dynamics":   The world has witnessed the increasing power of the Euro and the Renminbi. Given this situation, China-EU financial cooperation has developed in certain areas, such as institutional arrangements and monetary policy collaboration, etc. Despite this cooperation however, major geopolitical changes mean that to form deeper and multi-dimensional financial cooperation between China and the EU is important.   The research will explore innovative approaches to cross-border financial regulation to identify how financial cooperation between China and EU might be further enhanced. It focuses to conduct a thorough examination of regulatory regime innovations designed to facilitate the efficient financial cooperation between China and EU, by gathering data from financial regulators and institutions. The proposed research will focus on cooperation and collaboration in different aspects, such as:  

  • Cross-border payment system 
  • A possible Shanghai- Paris Stock Connect 
  • Fintech industry
  • Financial market infrastructures 
  • Green financing channels 
  • Regulatory and supervisory cooperation 
    These areas represent some of the most important regulatory issues facing governments as they try to balance economic considerations with minimising risk. A focus on these will provide a solid grounding for developing policy recommendations to further facilitate China-EU cooperation in the financial systems.