Public Lecture

China public diplomacy with regard to COVID-19

China public diplomacy with regard to COVID-19

18.12.2020 - 18.12.2020

14.00-16.00 (Paris Time)

Zoom Webinar

Speaker: Jens Damm
(EURICS Fellow and Associate Researcher ERCCT/University of Tübingen)
Discussant : Jean-Pierre Cabestan (Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University)


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The Covid-19 pandemic represents a watershed in politics, diplomacy, and international relations. New balances of global power are emerging, and China’s relationship with the rest of the world is being reassessed both inside and outside China.

In this lecture, organized by the European Institute for Chinese Studies, Jens Damm will describe and analyze the specifics of Covid-19 in China’s public diplomacy. This will include descriptions of variations and shifts over time, and an analysis of underlying reasons, such as political, cultural, and strategic factors.

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