April 21st 2021 - December 15th 2021
Living the Socialist Modern - The Chinese Communist Party at 100: Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
May 11th 2021
Technical Standards: A New Realm of China’s International Influence?
May 21st 2021
Pandemics and the Politics of Party-State Legitimation
May 25th 2021
On the book "A Decade of Upheaval: The Cultural Revolution in Rural China"
May 28th 2021
Why did Federalism Fail in China? Conceptual Analysis, Comparative Perspectives and Contemporary Legacies
June 01st 2021
China in the International System of Technical Standardization
June 03rd 2021
Chinese Society under Covid-19: Coping Strategies
June 24th 2021 - June 26th 2021
The CCP’s 100-year trajectory through the prism of its founding principles: Organization, ideology, social bases, modernization and nation-building agenda

EURICS is an institute working to strengthen the European research and analysis capacities on China. It works to enhance cooperation at the core of a network of European research centres and think tanks with focusing on Chinese studies, and to help forging a common European understanding of China.

EURICS supports studies on ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary China, from a double perspective, both typological and diachronic, and on current dynamics of Chinese society, economy and culture. Inspired by the model of the Institutes for Advanced Study in Human and Social Sciences, EURICS welcomes and hosts high-level sinologist scholars for a period ranging from three to ten months. No restrictions apply regarding the candidate’s research theme and nationality. 

Next to its Research Centre branch, EURICS embodies a significative Think-tank or Policy Studies unit.